jakém roce byl otevřen Panamský průplav?

2) Kolik km ujedeme z Jirkova do Paříže?

3) V kolik hodin jede autobus z Chomutova do Kadaně a to co nejdříve popoledni v sobotu?

4) Od kolika let se smí používat Facebook?

5) Kdo je nynějším ministrem školství?

6) Kolik stojí na Alza.cz hodinky PARIS HILTON BPH10200-812 ?

7) Kolikátého je nejbližší státní svátek?

8) Jaký je email na ředitele Chomutovského Gymnázia?

9) Jaké je telefonní číslo do ordinace paní doktorky Dagmar Poduškové?

10) Kolik Kč stojí kuřecí stehenní řízek v Penny v letáku platném od 4.5.2017

339 thoughts on “ICT

    1. I scored 14, lol. I keep wanting to try moving to another country and love reading your blog for tips and ideas. Not brave enough to do it gung ho, but it will happen one day. For right now I am planning one trip over seas about every two years starting this year. Cannot wait, Europe here I come!

    2. Dymphna– In a manner of speaking, yes. It was one of the reasons I quit „the biz“. I was constantly getting into arguments on sets and in the theatre. Not to mention making a living as an actor is next to impossible. It is an unfortunate situation. I love being around creative people but they are almost ALL very PC.

    3. I had “Hamburg Belly” a year ago as I tried various sausages…it took 4 days of my precious holiday. one should be very careful in food on holidays, if you are in India or in Canada. I wonder why “Bombay Belly” is not that much famous though the street food is just crap.

    4. What the fuck are you complaining about? You should be grateful for even having a connection. Try buying something at Facq or the repair service at MediaMarkt or to try to get a ridiculous invoice straigtened out with Electrabel. Or perhaps you want to discuss the paperwork created by the totally wacko politicians in the 5 governments we have. Its the Belgian way… that why this country is the Congo of Europe! Enjoy while it lasts.

    5. O nosso Estado parou com esse governo itecmpetonne de Ana Jfalia um exemplo: A ale7a Vie1ria sucateada repleta de buracos um verdadeiro martedrio pra quem trafega e precisa viajar por essa via e os sem terra aumentou e muito o nfamero de invasf5es e trouxe insatisfae7e3o de investidores e o turismo nem se fala quem vai em Fortalleza vea o quanto tem de turistas e gringos ente3o gente voto Jatene e ne3o abro me3o porque e9 o melhor pro Pare1 porque e9 mais preparado e sabe governar com transpareancia.

    1. I should point out that the strategy I outlined above is not designed to win a majority of convention delegates, but to deny a majority to either McCain or Huckabee. Even if successful at denying either of them a first-ballot victory, Romney’s chances on a second or third ballot at the convention would not be great. And, of course, dreams of a brokered convention never come true. But this year’s Republican race is breaking all the molds, so who knows?

    2. Bengt Eliasson skriver: Vad spelar det för roll vad Mats Odell säger, ty nu är Kristdemokraterna sÃ¥ smÃ¥ att t o m Teskedsgumman skulle ha kunnat vara medlem i partiet.Och det är detta vi mÃ¥ste eftersträva: att KD lämnar Riksdagen sÃ¥ att det kan bli en ny regering, vilket Sverige förtjänar. 0  0

    1. “the current zeitgeist of Islamism”Yesiree Bob, Wondering Jew, that’s what I always say when I see my Islamist friends! “Hi-Ho, Achmed, how’s the old zeitgeist going? Got a lot of current in the old girl?” Cause if there’s one thing an Islamist has got to have, it’s a rip-roaring, top-drawer, Fust Cless, zeitgeist with two pair pants, and a wild and untamed vest.

    2. What I find disappointing is you abusing . You repeatedly calling people a jealous hater does not make them one. What is it that anyone could be jealous of you anyway?As far as allegation, I have not made any. I spoke to people who shared their stories and commented on them. I have the right to my opinion – you do not have to agree with it.Nevertheless, IF there is anything at all that you honestly believe is an allegation on my part, I apologize. Please specify and be explicit – give me a quote. I am more than happy to amend it.

    3. Great stuff. Any plans to partner with Universal Subtitles? If nothing else, it would seem that one of Google's AIs could mine the repository and perhaps learn, given that it's all open data. While perhaps less than perfect, the quantity may make up for the quality. (Maybe this is already happening. I don't keep up enough.)

    4. Už je to nějaký pátek, co ahrefs zabrousil do českých vod. Existuje někde něco jako návod či zkušenosti českých specialistů, kterak s ahrefs nejlépe naložiti?Díky, MaK.VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 1 vote)

    1. I like your video, but I am disturbed that you are MAD and blaming fuel companies on the mining/drilling of fossile fuels. There wouldn’t be big oil companies if we the everyday man did not insist on it. That would be like blaming McDonald’s for making us all fat.

    2. Et oui, c’est ca le Grand Art, TKT! D’ailleurs, Lazarillo, tout evolue. Si on devait ecrire le francais comme au 16eme siecle, on nous prendrait pour des retardes! La langue comme l’Art n’est pas quelque chose de fige. Sinon, retournons dans nos cavernes, soient-elles de Lascaux!

    3. 1984徐婉薇參賽時是熱門之一,拍的果汁糖廣告在比賽期間猛播1985王美華拍過《女子監獄》1986吳婉芳歌壇代表作是 1990 å¹´çš„《准我離開吧》(《醉生如夢》專輯)崔嘉寶做過劇集女主角:《黃土恩情》,在下午播放罷了1988李嘉欣會考成績是 1A7B,她自己在每集 5 分鐘的《八美顯芳華》中說的(林憶蓮是另一集主角)

    4. Eu achava piada era se mandassem esses valentoes dos Nn da Fagueira ou la de onde for á casa do Proença ou do olegario aquecerlhe o Lombo..e quem diz o Proença tambem diz o Felipe Vieira se for preciso..e tantos outros nomes que me posso lembrar,isso sim era algo que eu aplaudia de pe e ajudava á festa se me levassem

    1. Thanks for the tips ! Your blog, really amazing and helpful. I love the way you write your post :)Anyway, I'm going to seoul on early to mid september 2012..not aumtumn yet I take it..I do hope it is beautiful.Also I wanna ask you,that 5 days M pass for buses and trains are they worth it?Thanks again :)

    2. People must be meticulous about researching and validating each item of software that they authorize to run on their systems. The sooner they learn this, the better. All the AV software in the world can't protect them from a zero day Trojan installed as a result of their own casual impulsiveness and ignorance.

    3. I am using it to read JSON files I have written myself. In order to test those responses I didn’t really install it, I dropped the Swagger-UI static assets into a sample Rails project in the public directory. You could do this with any web framework of course. Then when you launch the server (in my case ‘rails server’ at the command line) you can input the URI of the server that hosts the JSON files. Make sure the server/website hosting those JSON files supports cross domain requests. Hope this helps

    4. New Year New Fun, was exactly that, it really is good to sit down and reflect over the year that is ending, even though I have had many up’s and down’s, the up’s I feel are the ones to focus on, looking forward to many more to come. Thanks so much for all the effort you have put into this site. Love it. Hugs Lorraine

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    3. La france doit joueur pour rapporter a chaque fois les trois points don elle est dos au mur je pense que le match contre la lituanie sera plus difficile que contre l’UKRAINE.Car les deux stars de l’Ukraine penserons plus a leur club que pour leur pays etant donnée qui sont éliminé .

    4. Awesome to hear about the back side of Refugio! Although the storms this year may have changed things, I’ll have to check it out. I’d love to ride the back side. Have fun this month in Santa Ynez! Should be a nice change of pace from Ohio. Have a picnic and some wine at Foxen (at their original, rustic shack location) or Rusack (beautiful, beautiful setting) while you’re out there.

    1. Sharpton is going to have a more difficult time raiding $$$$$$ with Obama in the White House. It’s going to be more difficult to convince Blacks they need him and Jesse to get ahead so he needs a new Boogeyman to go after. It’s hard to blame everything on the “Man” when a Black man is the “Man”.

    2. BMarione, non stravolgere il discorso mettendo su un'altra polemica se no non se ne esce più.Immagino che tu abbia capito.Questi giocano lo stesso gioco, ma con altre regole. E ti dirò di più, mi sto sempre più convincendo che non sia un caso.Perchè se Gnao Gnao Governo dice …ok d'ora in poi si chiude un occhio, noi (Gnao Gnao governo nostro) li chiudiamo tutti e due.Mi fa ridere sentire i discorsi di Napolitano in Cina. Stavolta i Cinesi non ridevano fuori, ridevano dentro.

    3.   SAUCONY: Men blir som sagt langt Ã¥ kjøre for Ã¥ løpe i 40 minutt. 11-12 timer tur retur.MÃ¥ nesten ha overnatting du, men er nesten verdt det om det blir samme forhold til neste Ã¥r.: Gratulerer og til Saucony med kjempeløp Tenker det frister med halv neste helg med slik fart i kroppen.Takker, men det blir nok ikkje halv pÃ¥ meg. MÃ¥ ha ein maraton til for Ã¥ fÃ¥ 5 norske i Ã¥r.

    4. Não é questão de ser mercenário ou não. É questão de RESPEITAR o Código de Ética Odontológico. Não vou ficar me repetindo. Não tenho culpa se as pessoas não querem entender ou se ética é um assunto em baixa. Estamos acostumados. No Brasil é assim mesmo.

    5. I’ve suffered depression for many years and although I’m still semi-young. (19) I feel this is true, the only time I smoke or crave ciggarettes is when I’m starting on a downwards spiral. In fact I now use it as one of my warning signs! Xx

    1. LÃ¥ng fördröjning…. om jag äter ”dÃ¥ligt” under en period visar det sig pÃ¥ huden 3-4 veckor senare. Nu är det ju inga garantier för att du lider av samma, men värt att hÃ¥lla koll pÃ¥ kanske. Räkna tillbaka 3-4 veckor. Hur Ã¥t du dÃ¥?Ge den bra maten 3-4 veckor, hur ser din hud ut efter det?

    2. Bonjour,Les tableaux ci-dessus ne sont que des résultats globaux, et ne sont donc pas représentants pour un endroit spécifique.En effet, c’est vrai que le réseau en Wallonie est moins bien, mais KPN y travaille tous les jours pour étendre la portée du réseau.Si vous avez des problèmes ou des questions concernant un endroit, envoyez-nous un e-mail à .Salutations viking,Daphne

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    1. Wonderful article, without a single word being in excess.The problem Daniel is that our political elites want the sheeple to be sitting on their couches watching "American Idol" or "Jersey Shore" or shopping mindlessly at the mall for items that they don't need. This is the modern equivalent of the Roman bread and circuses.Once the public becomes engaged, focused, and aware of a problem that requires action, our politicians worry that the public's attention will turn to them next.So, Hillary has to keep wearing that hijab!


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